About this Project

We want to talk to you about Northolt! Visions for Northolt invites local businesses, residents, young people and everyone in between to share their views on Northolt's future and help create the first steps of the journey to get there.

Between now and July 2021, the Visions for Northolt team will be working with Ealing Council behind screens and on the ground to help gather your opinions, visions and local expertise. Your visions for Northolt will be used to create a number of quick projects around the area and influence decisions for the near future.

Get Involved

Over the course of March to June there will be a number of ways that you will be able to get involved and influence this project.

From our drawing pack through to our digital workshops, there are several opportunities for you to take part! 
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About the Team

New Practice and Resolve Collective are the engagement experts that are working with Ealing Council to bring this project to you.
Throughout this project you will be seeing the following faces!

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Email: info@Visionsfornortholt.co.uk