Get Involved!

There are a number of ways that you had been invited to take part in Visions for Northolt either online or in person.

Visions for Northolt Summer Event

Our team travelled around a variety of greenspaces and parks across Northolt on the 31st of July to make smoothies, join a vegan picnic whilst you told us your visions for the future of Northolt!

Visions for Northolt Survey

The survey closed on the 7th of August! 
Get your opinions submitted soon before the survey ends! 

Draw Northolt

The Draw Northolt Pack will remain open for download but please note we are no longer taking submissions.
Download the pack and
send us your drawings! 
Download pack!

Mapping Northolt

Individuals were invited to take part in an interactive mapping activity online to talk to us about Northolt's key features! This feature closed on the 7th of August! 

Future of Northolt

All of our digital workshops are now completed.
Feel free to sign up for further updates on the project.
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